Are Dogs Scared Of The Dark?

Are dogs scared of the dark is a question that many pet owners have asked. Dogs, like humans, can be afraid of the dark for a variety of reasons. Some breeds of dogs, such as those with a strong prey drive, may have an instinctive fear of the dark due to its association with potential […]

The 10 best dog toilets

A review of the best dog toilets will help you find a convenient and practical litter box for small puppies and adult pets. What’s the best dog litter box to buy for your dog? To choose a litter box for the dog, you need to determine how often he will visit it. For infrequent use, […]

Bandages for dogs: purpose and manufacturing methods

Bandage is a broad term by which one associatively understands a postoperative blanket that protects the suture from mechanical damage. In fact, a dog bandage is not only a post-operative accessory, but also a tight elastic belt for the joints, a product to support the spinal column, and a “garment” for inclement weather, but first […]

Soothing sofa bed for pets

What is a Soothing sofa bed for pets?  A soothing sofa bed for pets is a furniture piece designed to provide a comfortable place for pets to relax. It may be used as a bed, chair, or couch, and is typically filled with soft materials that make it comfortable for pets to rest on. A […]

Pets furniture: Review of designer pet-friendly furniture

Today’s review is just about that, about designer pets furniture, friendly to pets. No matter how nasty and cloudy it was outside, no matter how nervous you were at work, no matter how difficult it was at school, it is always nice to know that at home, besides your loved ones, there is a cute, […]

The 11 best dog kennels

Not only yard dogs need their own kennel. Our rating will help you choose the best kennel for dogs among outdoor, interior and folding models. What is the best kennel for a dog  When choosing a kennel, you must first decide on its size – they depend entirely on the size of the pet. One […]

Camping with your dog

The warm days have finally arrived, and vacation is just around the corner. Not all owners are ready to part with their dogs for a vacation, or want to go with a friend. More and more often these days, the dog is not a burden. They take them with them on trips, to the mountains, […]

Pets that are good for the elderly: minimum care and maximum enjoyment

Different pets require different degrees of energy, activity and resources. Some pets are ideal for active people, and some, on the contrary, do not like too much stress, so they will get along well with a sedentary or too busy owner. Selection rules Elderly people often look for pets that would not only become reliable […]

Top 10 things that are dangerous for your pet

Anyone who has a pet knows that animals are willing to eat anything they find in the house without remorse. Cats chew the leaves of various plants, rats and mice chew almost everything without exception, and dogs sometimes act as a vacuum cleaner, “sucking up” all the food they find on the kitchen floor. However, […]