Pets furniture: Review of designer pet-friendly furniture

Pets furniture

Today’s review is just about that, about designer pets furniture, friendly to pets. No matter how nasty and cloudy it was outside, no matter how nervous you were at work, no matter how difficult it was at school, it is always nice to know that at home, besides your loved ones, there is a cute, touching, fluffy creature waiting for you, who always loves and misses you. And sometimes that cute little furry creature is the only living thing that waits, misses and loves. So it is not without reason that people cherish and nurture pets, providing them with the greatest comfort in their apartments.

Sofa with tunnel

Common pets furniture for leisure and recreation, which will suit the taste of both people and pets, is called the Cat Tunnel Sofa. For the owner, a comfortable and stylish sofa. For the curious pet – a long tunnel that can be explored at any time.

Everest for a cat

Not only people dream of conquering Mount Everest, – a domestic mountain scratching post for multiple conquests can also be installed for your favorite pet. Playful cats, who in a couple of seconds will fly up to the highest cupboard in the apartment, and will not miss the opportunity to show armchair or sofa their claws, can appreciate the care of the owners.

Table for cat walks

Pets furniture

Cat owners probably know that their pets also need healthy greens, and you can buy this grass in any pet store. Some people grow it in a pot on a window sill next to violets and ficus, and designers suggest arranging a “green path” for cats right on the desk, where they with enviable regularity jump in for a walk.

A table with a hammock

And from such a place to rest, though, in another place and much larger, the owners of pets would not refuse. But alas, this mini hammock, attached as a second tier under the glass top of the coffee table, is designed just for cats.

Cat House Bedside Table

Practical and stylish, original design nightstands are not designed for storing sundries. Even though they are quite roomy and equipped with doors. In fact, this is exactly what a “cat house” looks like for a modern apartment.

Nightstand booths

The same houses, “room booths”, developed by designers and for dogs. Except the size is larger, and nightstands are heavier, so that the playful puppy will not inadvertently turn over the nightstand, and with it everything that will stand or lie on top.

A chair for the owner and the pet.

Sometimes animals are so attached to the beloved owner that they follow him, literally on his heels, accompanied wherever he went. They nestle on your lap, climb on your back and shoulders, hop on the table, curl up in a ball between the legs of a chair or under a chair… And a rocking chair, which has room not only for the owner, but also for his faithful four-legged friend, the most appropriate pets furniture for this occasion.

Cats` House. “Utopia” for cats.

And there are owners who love their furry pets so much that they remodel their homes to make them as suitable as possible for both people and animals. This feline “utopia” organized by retirees Bob Walker and Frances Mooney from California, decorating the interior of their home so as to make it a territory of play and rest for all their nine cats.

Cat Shelves.

Cats wouldn’t be cats if they didn’t want to climb over curtains, rugs, cabinets, and shelves to make a vantage point at the very top. To indulge fluffy pets, designers have developed a whole system of shelves, where the cats would be interesting to jump in, and settle down to take a nap, occasionally looking down to control the territory. And if necessary, these shelves can be adapted for their own needs: to put books, flowers, decorative statuettes…

Suitcase for a pet.

And a retro suitcase, remodeled and properly decorated, can turn into not only a decorative object of the interior, something like a drawer-tray for various small things and dear to the heart objects. If desired, it can be adapted as a “house” for a pet dog or cat. Of course, if it approves this choice of the owner.