The 11 best dog kennels

dog kennels

Not only yard dogs need their own kennel. Our rating will help you choose the best kennel for dogs among outdoor, interior and folding models.

What is the best kennel for a dog 

When choosing a kennel, you must first decide on its size – they depend entirely on the size of the pet. One should measure the length of a dog from nose to tail, the full height from the tips of legs to ears, chest circumference and add 5-10 cm to these parameters, to get, respectively: the depth, height and width of the future home.

To calculate the minimum height of the kennel, you should measure the animal’s height at the withers and add another 5 cm.

The roof of the kennel may be one or two pitches. Experienced breeders advise the first option, since dogs like to lay on top. The angle of slope should be at least 10 degrees – so all the water will run off.

It is better to give preference to natural materials:

  • Wood will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • In plastic or brick constructions the animal will suffer from heat.
  • Houses made of plywood and fiberboard should be multi-layered – then they will last for several years.

The insulation in the outdoor booth must be breathable. It is better not to hang the hole, otherwise the dog will not want to be in the house because of the lack of fresh air. It is good if the design provides ventilation windows or louvers.

Soft cushion beds are relevant for interior kennels, while it is better to leave an open wooden floor in outdoor kennels – so they are easier to clean.

The best outdoor kennels for dogs

An outdoor kennel serves as a place for your pet to rest and protect it from the weather. Thanks to the variety of manufacturers’ offerings, dog kennels are often also a decoration of the area.


CrazyFarm dog kennels are designed to withstand the harsh cold and are insulated on the inside.

The body is made of durable galvanized metal, the walls are made of several layers of moisture-resistant plywood. Removable floor and roof allow easy cleaning of the booth from inside. Feet prevent the floor from freezing in winter.

The door can be securely closed with a padlock, if necessary. A small ventilation window provides air circulation in the kennel. The manufacturer offers the model in four sizes from 60 to 140 cm.


  • rigid metal construction;
  • removable floor and roof;
  • there are sizes for dogs of all breeds;
  • latch door;
  • ventilation window.


  • can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.
  • when ordering a kennel, the manufacturer offers to put the pet’s name on the kennel for an extra fee.

A kennel “Manor House”

Kennel-cabin is designed for large dogs. The structure includes a large area to walk and a built-in kennel with insulated walls and ceiling. The aviary is fenced with sturdy metal bars and covered with a soft-tile roof. The cabin is made of carefully dried wood impregnated with moisture-proof hypoallergenic materials. Foam 5 cm thick is used for insulation.

Dog owners note the convenient entrance to the dog walking area through a high gate. A removable roof is provided for access to the inside of the kennel. The size of the finished construction is 300x200x190 cm. The color of the roof and the shades of wood coating are chosen based on the wishes of the buyer. For the fa├žade, imitation bar or block house is offered.


  • individual choice of color;
  • non-toxic hypoallergenic materials;
  • easy access to the enclosure and the booth;
  • reliable insulated design;
  • 2-year warranty.


  • difficult to find on sale;
  • high price.

The manufacturer offers additional equipment for the booth: warm floor, ventilation window, interior trim with clapboard or birch imitation.

Ferplast Canada

Wooden booth of the Italian manufacturer is available in three sizes and will suit representatives of any breed. The special system of opening and side door position saves the animal from wind. In warm weather the front wall opens and turns into a spacious terrace. Stable legs provide insulation from the ground and allow you to put the platform on an uneven surface.

The body is made of selected pine. Thick boards fit tightly together and keep you warm inside the booth during cold weather. The frame is coated with water-resistant paint, which is resistant to sudden changes in temperature, non-toxic and safe for the pet. Ventilation grills built into the back wall provide fresh air in the kennel. The air supply can be adjusted manually. The removable roof is easy to clean.


  • 3 sizes to choose from;
  • pet-safe materials;
  • flip-up platform wall;
  • removable roof;
  • ventilation grills;
  • convenient door.


  • no insulation.

In addition to the kennel manufacturer offers a silicone transparent curtain and a warm bed to protect the dog from the weather.

VillarDogs Tandem

A kennel for two dogs with a covered vestibule in the middle. The design is developed with the help of cynologists. Only safe materials are used in the production: chopped board and water-based paint. The frame is finished with clapboard on the outside and plywood on the inside. The roof is covered with soft tiles.

Available in four sizes for dogs up to 80 cm at the withers. Color, dimensions and construction can be changed upon request. Sections of the kennel can be different sizes – depending on the breeds of pets.


  • 4 sizes to choose from;
  • suitable for two dogs of different breeds;
  • safe materials;
  • covered vestibule.


  • no insulation;
  • price.

In addition you can buy electric heating and silicone shutters for comfortable hibernation of animals.

Wooden booth “Kanna”

Insulated kennel comes in three sizes and will suit any breed of dog. The double-pitch roof gives the model a stylish look. Part of the kennel is made in the form of a veranda, where the pet can rest and bask in the sun. The ratio of the area of the verandah to the closed part is 1:1.

The enclosure is covered with clapboard on the outside and birch plywood on the inside. A safe and durable 5 centimeters thick insulation ensures warmth in the house at the temperatures outdoors up to -20 degrees. For comfortable wintering of your pet the manufacturer offers to install electric heating with a thermostat. Veranda can be turned into an enclosed house – in this case the construction will serve as a kennel for two dogs.


  • 3 sizes to choose from;
  • covered veranda;
  • transformable into a kennel for 2 dogs;
  • insulated design.


  • boring design.

The cost of the model varies depending on its size, size of the manhole, frame coating, type of roof and additional finishes.

dog kennels

Best interior dog kennels

Small breed pets need a secluded place to rest quietly at home. A small, cozy kennel is the best way to do that.

Cozy v2.0

The Cozy v2.0 smart climate-controlled kennel is suitable for small pets. An efficient setting system, built-in heat and humidity sensors automatically regulate the temperature inside, so that your pet can rest comfortably in it, whatever the conditions outside.

The kennel is controlled by a mobile app. It indicates whether the dog is in the kennel and the conditions inside the kennel. A proprietary condensation collection system keeps the humidity level and cleanliness. The dog house works from a wall outlet.

The design is equipped with a stand. Stylish space design with a bright light indicator will fit into any interior. The soft, removable dog bed is made of textile that is pleasant to the touch and easy to wash in the machine.


  • stylish design;
  • control through the app;
  • automatic temperature setting;
  • soft and washable bedding.


  • expensive.

Cozy v2.0 is suitable for cats and dogs and would make a good gift for the owner of a small pet.

Home-cabin “Gentlewoman”

Carpet-jute hut is designed for resting pets. Its frame is made of chipboard, inside and outside is upholstered with soft carpeting. The kennel will be suitable for dogs of small breeds.

The size of the kennel is 44x41x38 cm. The gable roof has a shelf in the middle for pets to rest, and a big entrance is convenient for fluffy pets. Neutral beige color will fit into any interior.


  • sturdy frame;
  • neutral coloring;
  • a large climbing door;
  • safe materials.


  • poor quality packaging;
  • non-dismountable design.

The booth is delivered ready-made without a box – in a film wrapper. Buyers recommend checking the integrity of the corners before purchase.

Lion Manufactory kennel house

The kennel house in two stylish colors is suitable for small dogs or cats. The manufacturer offers 2 sizes: 29x31x35 cm and 40x36x40 cm. The soft foam frame is upholstered in branded fabric, which won’t get pet hairs sticking to it and won’t leave puffs. Removable roof makes it easy to clean the house. Inside, there is a soft syntepon lie down for your pet to rest comfortably.


  • low cost;
  • easy to clean;
  • soft removable dog bed;
  • 2 sizes and as many color choices.


  • not very stable.

Active pets sometimes mistake the house for a big toy and chew on it. To add weight and greater stability, dog owners advise putting a square of thick plywood or chipboard under the cushion.

dog kennels

The best collapsible dog kennels

Folding dog kennels are relevant for traveling dog owners or frequent visitors to shows. They help your pet feel more at ease in an unfamiliar place.

Dogmoda “Elite”

The soft transformer kennel measures 48x49x40 cm when fully assembled. When stored, it does not take up much space and fits on a small shelf in the closet. A secure handle on the roof is provided for carrying your pet. A zipper allows to dismantle and reassemble the kennel easily.

A soft fleece made of sintepon provides comfort for your pet during the trip. The kennel is finished with waterproof velour inside and polyester outside. The pleasant brown color is liked by most buyers.


  • sold in many pet stores;
  • waterproof fabric;
  • compact size;
  • easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • will not fit large dogs.

The manufacturer offers only one size of house – for small dogs.

Pinkaholic Luna House

Folding dog house for dogs weighing up to 5 kg from South Korean brand is made of sheared fur and natural cotton. It comes with a lie-flat cushion and a soft toy-bone, which pets love to play with and cuddle with.

Available in two gentle colors, beige and pink.

The house is quickly assembled and disassembled thanks to the zippers. The construction can be washed in a washing machine. Size in assembled form – 35x39x44cm.


  • 2 colors to choose from;
  • machine-washable;
  • convenient locks;
  • pillow and soft toy included.


  • suitable only for small dogs;
  • high price.

Pinkaholic Luna House is an interior folding kennel with a cute design that will appeal to fashion-conscious dog owners.


Folding dog kennel comes in a wide range of sizes for different dog breeds. But there are only two colors: brown and blue. For storage, the kennel is packed in a handy carrying bag with handles. Assembles the house in a couple of minutes.

The metal frame provides the rigidity of the structure. The walls, roof and floor are made of durable waterproof textile. On top there is a secure handle to carry the pet, and a pocket on the side for little things. Includes a mattress and 4 metal pins to secure the kennel to the ground.


  • many sizes;
  • rich equipment;
  • rigid construction;
  • waterproof dense textile.


  • thin mattress.

The mattress can be unzipped and filler can be added for more pet comfort.