The 10 best dog toilets

dog toilets

A review of the best dog toilets will help you find a convenient and practical litter box for small puppies and adult pets.

What’s the best dog litter box to buy for your dog?

To choose a litter box for the dog, you need to determine how often he will visit it. For infrequent use, inexpensive plastic models will do – but they are not recommended for daily trips. The tray will absorb unpleasant odors, and regular washing with aggressive chemicals can ruin the dog’s sense of smell.

Some models of trays are designed to use fillers or special diapers. Others are equipped with a grid and do not require wood or silica gel pellets.

Toilets with a grid cost significantly less than others, but they will have to be cleaned more often.

Remember that the size of the litter box must fit the size of the dog. If it’s too cramped, your dog will find another place to pee.

Best dog toilets with skirting

The size of the borders depends on the breed of pet. For larger dogs, you need high curbs, for small dogs, low ones are enough. Pygmy pets will suit the surface without sides at all.

The PetyPot automatic cat litter box

The automatic cat and dog toilet PetyPot saves you from daily cleaning and even allows you to leave your pet alone for a few days.

The manufacturer promises complete protection of the room from unpleasant odors. The size of the toilet is 64×57.5×20 cm. It will not take up much space in the room, but will only fit small dogs weighing up to 11 kg.

A special diaper with a polyethylene layer will envelop the waste tightly. The faeces roll is then placed in an airtight box.

The cleaning process is automatic. It is possible to choose its frequency in advance: every 30 minutes, an hour or 2 hours. There is also a manual mode – to change the bedding it is enough to press the button.

The diapers are tightly stretched. Dogs can paw them, but the material does not tear and the roll does not unwind. High sides protect the room from excrement thrown up by paws.


  • blocks odors;
  • does not require cleaning or washing;
  • compact design;
  • high sides;
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • very expensive;
  • requires connection to a power outlet;
  • suitable only for small dogs.

For those who are embarrassed by the price of the litter box, the manufacturer offers toilets for rent for 30 days. The cost of the service is 5500 rubles. In case of further purchase, this amount is taken into account.

V.I.Pet “Japanese Style”

V.I.Pet toilet for dogs is made of safe non-toxic plastic. It is easy to clean under running water. A diaper can be placed under the lid and secured with side latches. Pet’s paws stay clean at all times.

The litter box comes in 6 colors, so you can pick the right one to match your home’s decor. The litter box comes in two sizes: 48x35cm for smaller pets or puppies, and 63x49cm for larger dogs. Rubberized feet ensure the design is stable and does not allow it to slip on tiles or laminate.


  • multiple colors;
  • 2 sizes;
  • easy to clean;
  • reliable fixation of the diaper;
  • feet with rubber pads.


  • low sides.

The diaper should be placed in a single layer under the grid. If you fold it, the fasteners are not fixed.

Toilet for dogs Triol grid

The Triol Toilet is available in one size – 40×40 cm and is suitable only for small pets. The height of the boards is 15.5 cm. They reliably protect the walls from excrements and splashes.

The tray is made of durable plastic with an antibacterial coating. The net is located above the bottom and allows using the litter box with a diaper or litter.

The smooth coating is easy to clean. The grid is held firmly in place by latches – it won’t fall out even if the pooch is actively spinning before defecating. Rubberized feet hold the toilet in one place.


  • high sides;
  • can be used with a diaper or litter;
  • high-quality anti-bacterial plastic;
  • secure attachment of the grid;
  • rubber feet.


  • small size;
  • overpriced.

Good model for small dogs of both sexes – the sides here are very high, so the walls and the floor near the litter box will not be damaged.

dog toilets

The best collapsible toilets for dogs

Folding toilets are easy to take with you on trips or put in a show tent.

Show-Pets Toilet

The folding toilet is available in several colors and sizes. There are 20×30 cm and 30×40 trays for pygmy dogs. Larger pets will suit “Show-Pets” 40×50. The 11-cm high sides reliably protect the surrounding space from the pet’s traces.

The model is equipped with a zippered lid. It prevents the pellets from falling out and isolates the smell. The litter box is machine washable and quick-drying.

The inside of the tray is upholstered in durable laminated nylon, which does not scratch the pet when digging. When folded, the design is secured with a button sling and takes up minimal space.


  • easy to fold;
  • high sides and lid;
  • several sizes and colors;
  • durable materials;
  • machine washable.


  • no option for large dogs.

The Show-Pets travel litter box makes traveling with your dog much easier, but is only suitable for small pets or puppies.

Zarya-Plus Show Tent Toilet

The fabric litter box folds up conveniently and is suitable for traveling or traveling to a show with a cat or dog. The water-resistant coating is durable and requires no additional diapers or fillers.

The tray is easy to clean with water and machine washable. Folds and unfolds the design in a few seconds. The litter box comes in different colors and two sizes: 20×30 cm and 30×40 cm.


  • easy to clean;
  • quickly assembled and disassembled;
  • 2 sizes and many colors;
  • does not get wet;
  • low price (from 160 rubles).


  • not sold everywhere.

Products Zarya-Plus is sold on the manufacturer’s website and in some online stores. In retail pet shops it is practically not presented.

The best toilets for dogs with grass

To make the dog feel like outdoors, it is better to opt for a tray with plastic grass. It’s not hard to clean, but this covering will help get puppies accustomed to the toilet.

Stefanplast Puppy Training Set Pro

Italian Stefanplast Puppy tray is suitable for toilet training of dogs and puppies. Soft grass imitates a real lawn, so your pet has no problems defecating in the street. In addition, an innate instinct tells animals to go to the toilet on a hairy surface.

The mat has small holes for liquids to pass through. The material does not absorb odors. To make the toilet easier to clean, disposable or reusable diapers are placed in the tray.

They are pressed by the fixing frame and do not ride on the tray. Thanks to the rubber feet, the construction does not slip on the floor. A doggie post is included.


replaceable grass mat with holes;

  • complete post;
  • suitable for puppy toilet training;
  • holds the diaper well.


  • uncomfortable to use without a diaper.

It is recommended to change the grass once or twice a year. The manufacturer also suggests buying another mat for dogs who don’t like to step on a wet surface.

Puppy Potty Patch

The Puppy Potty Patch is a dog tray with a mat that imitates grass. The proprietary design of the toilet blocks unpleasant odors for up to 7 days, and the coating itself does not absorb them. This allows you to use the tray without diapers and litter. Tray size 50x35cm.

The toilet holds up to 3 liters of liquid and does not require daily cleaning. No special cleaning agents are needed to wash it.

It is enough to wash the parts with soap and water. The tray is made of environmentally friendly materials. They have antimicrobial treatment and are absolutely safe for animals.


  • вoes not require diapers or filler;
  • blocks odors for a week;
  • does not need to be washed every day;
  • ыafe materials with antimicrobial coating.


  • low sides.

The height of the sides is only 6 cm. However, they reliably protect the litter tray from leaks, and the soft grass prevents dogs from swiping past the toilet.

Danko Corner Toilet 

Corner toilet with a post suitable for small dogs. The size of the tray is 50x43cm, and the tray is lined with artificial grass, which helps accustom your puppy to the street.

The smooth, durable plastic construction is easy to clean. The short pile lawn does not absorb odors and does not interfere with the dog. High walls near the post protect the room from pet spray.


  • еhere is a post for male dogs;
  • ыuitable for puppy domestication;
  • easy to clean;
  • corner location;
  • high walls.


  • overpriced;
  • difficult to find on sale.

Buyers note that the price for a small tray “Danko” is unreasonably high, but corner models on the market are really few.

The best post toilets for dogs

For male dogs who mark territory, manufacturers offer post toilets. They look like a regular plastic pyramid, sometimes stylized to look like street fire hydrants or stumps.


With its dimensions of 48×34 cm, the corner post tray is suitable for small dogs. The 14cm walls protect the walls from splashing and feces.

The removable post can be placed anywhere in the tray. Durable plastic is easy to clean under running water. You can also put a diaper in the tray and secure it with frames for easy cleaning.


  • high sides;
  • large size;
  • easy to clean;
  • column can be rearranged.


  • high price;
  • the manufacturer does not monitor the completeness.

It is necessary to check the completeness of the product when buying. Sometimes the tray comes without a post or grid.

HomePet Toilet

HomePet is a plastic toilet for dogs with a post. The size of the tray is quite large (50×40 cm), and three high walls protect the room from excrement. The grid is easy to remove and clean. A one- or two-layer diaper can be placed under it.

The plastic is durable, easy to clean and does not absorb odors. The post is installed on any convenient place in the toilet. The manufacturer offers 4 monochrome colors of the model with a pearlescent sheen.


  • large tray;
  • 3 high walls;
  • durable, easy-to-clean plastic;
  • several colors to choose from.


  • unstable.

The litter box is lightweight and has no rubber feet, which makes it unstable. The tray is not recommended for dogs that like to twist before defecation.