Aging in cats

Unlike humans, in cats, old age comes as if suddenly. The animal grows decrepit within a few months. There is no specific age at which a cat is considered elderly. Some cats show signs of aging after 8-10 years of age, while others look and feel fine at 12-15. The owner should notice changes in […]

How to travel with a cat in the car

Travel with a cat in the car should be comfortable and safe for both the cat and for you. This applies to long trips as well as short trips to the country house. How to make sure that everything goes well? And what do you need to prepare for the road? Why a car trip […]

Top 10 things that are dangerous for your pet

Anyone who has a pet knows that animals are willing to eat anything they find in the house without remorse. Cats chew the leaves of various plants, rats and mice chew almost everything without exception, and dogs sometimes act as a vacuum cleaner, “sucking up” all the food they find on the kitchen floor. However, […]

Dangers to your pet at home

Pet owners should be especially careful when leaving their pets at home. Despite all the love and care, it’s not uncommon for a pet to be injured or even die a completely ridiculous death. No one thinks about the fact that a seemingly safe home can actually pose a threat to a beloved pet. Wires […]

Storage conditions of open packages of dry and wet food

Prepared dog and cat food can be stored in the factory sealed package for quite a long time – up to 1.5 years, but after opening the package the shelf life and shelf life of dry food rapidly decreases and depends on storage conditions. Let’s find out how, where and how long you can store […]