Getting a puppy is always an exciting new addition to the family.  Just like a human baby, there are adjustments to be made to the home and to everyone’s schedule.  An 8-10 week old puppy needs a lot of attention and potty breaks every 1-2 hours to get started right away with house breaking.

If everyone is gone during the day, how will the puppy learn to go outside instead of in the house?


We have helped start many puppies on the road to success by visiting up to 4 times during the day to take him/her out, feed, water and clean up the crate as needed.  When kept on a regular schedule, your puppy will soon be crate trained and house broken.

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A puppy only knows what you teach it.  Left on its own, a puppy will chew on anything, (including you), get into places it shouldn’t, annoy other pets, etc.

Because they are so cute and cuddly and sleep a lot, some new puppy parents ignore these behaviors.  However, when that puppy is 6 months old these bad habits will be established and not so cute.

 If you don’t know where to start with puppy training,  


I will work with you about what behaviors need to be created (or corrected), and make a plan of action that everyone will follow.    Once you start formal puppy classes, let me know and we will reinforce words, actions, and expectations.

Let me help you get your puppy started right! 

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