Dog Walking

Personalized Dog Walking Service

Does your dog love a good walk?  You bet they do!

But if you work an 8 to 5 job, then your time for dog walking is somewhat limited (especially in the winter when it is dark before and after work).  You could come home during lunch and take a quick walk with your dog, or if it works (for both of you), you could send your dog to doggy daycare. But if you and your dog would like a more one-on-one approach, our professional dog walking service is for you. Ask Linda Pet Sitting Services offers dog walking in Zionsville, West Carmel, and NW Indy Monday through Friday. A 30-minute mid-day visit, which is everything from companionship, a fresh drink and of course a chance to go outside, costs $18. It’s less expensive than the going rate for a day’s worth of doggy daycare, though it’s admittedly more brief. However it is a more personalized service. Compared to doggy daycare, our service is not about physical stimulation. We offer an active walk to provide a good exercise session appropriate to the dog’s age and condition. This is one-on-one to give each dog what is needed;  exercise, potty break, boredom break and human contact.  Do you know how much dogs LOVE that someone is coming  just to visit them ?

The staff at ALPS isn’t a group of teenagers working a minimum wage job. We are skilled in dog handling and management, and are trained in pet first aid/CPR. Linda and the staff bond with your dog, which, if you have a shy or skittish dog is very important. Linda meets with each owner and their dog(s) to be sure the dog is comfortable with her before ever taking a job.

Service Area: North to 146th Street, South to Kessler Blvd, West to Lafayette Rd  East to College Ave.  In Zionsville, I service as far west as Ford Road.  This includes the subdivisions on both sides of Ford Road.

There is a $1 per mile trip charge added to areas outside these boundries, but still in the service zip codes of 46032,46077,46228,46240,46260,46268,46278,

NEW CLIENT REGISTRATION ($20 one time set up fee)

At this meeting, I will take your dog out for a walk to access leash training.  For our safety, I do not accept larger dogs (over 25 pounds) who are not leash trained and I do not accept aggressive dogs of any size or breed.  

Communication is one of our core values. Our systems and procedures ensure we provide you and your dog with the highest standards of service. I will document detailed information and instructions about your dog’s needs. We will complete your service agreement, get the keys and codes for home entry, and payment.

Our set up fee includes:

60-90 minute In-Home Consultation

New Client Welcome Folder

Walking Log NoteBook and Pen


MIDDAY DOG WALKS:  M-F 10am – 3 pm

POTTY BREAK  (Visit lasts 10-15 minutes, $15)                  

BASIC WALK  (Visit lasts 30 minutes, potty break plus 15 min walk $18)

BETTER WALK (Visit lasts 45 minutes, potty break plus 30min walk $23)   

BEST WALK (Visit lasts 60 minutes, potty break plus 45min walk  $28)

This price is for 1 dog.  We prefer to walk dogs individually. Multiple dog homes may schedule a 1 hour visit to be split between their dogs.

  • Service is scheduled on a monthly basis and paid in advance.
  • Clients who schedule 12 or more walks per month may subtract $1 from the prices above.
  • Service done on an ” As Needed” basis please add $1 to prices above.
  • Payment by credit card slightly increases the prices listed.
  • Same day service requests are an additional $5



  M-F 3pm-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am-9pm

POTTY BREAK  ($15)                  


BETTER WALK ($25)   



CREATE A U+2 CLUB FOR REDUCED RATES  When three people in a neighborhood, complex, subdivision, etc.  schedule their walks on the same days (minimum 2x/week), everyone will get a price reduction.  Dogs will be walked individually.