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Pet Sitting Links and Information

Humane Society of Indianapolis                
I have a touching story about the great staff at the Humane Society.  They  helped a starving, injured puppy that I found by the side of the road.  I was deeply moved by their compassion and encourage everyone to donate to their efforts to help animals.

 NAPPS-For Pet Parents Page                
This is the organization I chose to join.  They offer training and resources to make this a career, not a hobby.

ASPCA-be prepared for disasters                
Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time. These tips can help to prepare you and your pet against a disaster:

·         Identify two or three places you can go with your pet in advance. Don’t wait until you get an evacuation order.
·         Prepare a pet evacuation kit that includes a week’s worth of food, bottled water, a week’s worth of medications, veterinary medical records, extra leashes and collars with IDs, portable food and water bowls and blanket.
·         Post a rescue alert sticker on a visible window of your home that alerts firefighters and rescue workers as to the type and number of pets inside your home.
Learn more about disaster preparedness by visiting the ASPCA’s site HERE.



                  PETCO Foundation                
I donate 10% of profits to the PETCO Foundation.

The following story underscores the PETCO Foundation’s commitment to giving senior animals another chance at life. Because you’re never too old to love or be loved.

Through dim senses, distorted hearing and eyesight that failed in darkness, the love in Maggie’s heart never waned for her guardian Lillian. Not in life. Not in death. Maggie waited patiently on the rug next to her person’s bed, which now stood empty.From joyful puppy to loyal senior dog, 12-year-old Maggie and 70-year-old Lillian grew old together. When the end was near – in a voice no louder than a whisper – Lillian made her best friend Charlotte promise to take care of Maggie and keep her safe. Charlotte agreed.Unfortunately, Lillian’s best friend had no intention of keeping her promise. To Charlotte, Maggie was just a stinky, old dog riddled with health problems. Charlotte called animal control and reported Maggie as an abandoned dog whose owner had died. She then left the bedroom and never looked back.

Caring for our animal best friends can be costly but aren’t they worth it? After all, each senior animal rescued has given their all to their person. Senior companion animals should never be penalized for outlasting their guardians!

When a senior pet’s guardian passes away or becomes unable to provide care, the PETCO Foundation works with humane groups to continue their outreach to these loving animals.

                                                 LUV A DOG RESCUE                
I met Christina at Petco.  She is there with adoptable dogs while I am there with the Presents 4 Pets campaign to help rescue groups, like Christina. You can call her at 317-523-4785 or email

Any dog adopted from Christina  will get one free service from Ask Linda Pet Sitting (must be within my service area) Get your coupon card from her.


                  Presents 4 Pets                
I participate in the Presents 4 Pets campaign every year to gather supplies to donate to rescue organizations in our community.


                  Never used a pet sitter before?                
Never used a professional pet sitter before?  Here is a link that provides good information:

                  Casa Del Toro Pit Bull Education and Rescue                
I met Rachael and others in the group one Saturday at Petco on Michigan Road.  As the owner of a pit mix, I support this effort to educate and help promote the humane treatment of all animals and stop dog fighting.

Any dog adopted from this group will receive a 10% discount on first time service.  Please check that you are in my service area.


                  PetTech pet first aid and CPR training                



                  Clicker trainer Connie Swaim’s blog                
Cammi and I visit with Connie about once a week to work on new moves for our doggie freestyle.  Connie works as a trainer at IndyHumane and also does search and rescue with her dog Condor.



                  Dog Training Classes offered at IndyHumane                
IndyHumane now offers an alternative to standard dog training classes: it combines the best of a group class and individual instruction.  Connie Swaim is a certified clicker trainer and offers you the choice of what you want to teach your dog.

This gives your dog the chance to work in an environment where there are other dogs (for distraction) but everyone is working on different things.  I think this is a great idea.


                  Linda Beatty talks about adoption at press conference                
I was proud to be asked to be a part of the press conference Tuesday January 8th with Mayor Ballard and CEO of the Humane Society John Aleshire.  They announced a new initiative by the city of Indianapolis and several private sector partners to improve the animal over population problem in Indianapolis.



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