About Us


Linda Beatty   


As a pet owner, I know the anxiety of trusting someone else to take care of your “babies”  when you are away. It isn’t just food and water that they need; they need the reassurance that everything is OK even though their owner isn’t there. I want my pets to have the least amount of stress possible when I am away.  I want that for your pets too.

I started my business in 2008 and am pleased to say that it is the most gratifying job I have ever had.  I have a well-rounded background in BUSINESS(admin assistant, accounting, sales, marketing, facilities maintenance), EDUCATION (I was an elementary school teacher and now teach first aid/CPR classes) as well as living and working overseas for MISSIONSI have always wanted to have my own business so when circumstances lined up just right, Ask Linda Pet Sitting was born. I believe that if you get up in the morning excited to go to work, you are in the right job.  I am in the right job!

I have had great respect and empathy for animals since I was young.  I was using positive reinforcement training (but didn’t know it) with my first dog when I was just in grade school. 

 I am a  member of and active volunteer for The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) , and Pet Sitters International

I completed my NAPPS PetSitter Certification Course in 2011 and renewed it in 2015.

In 2012 I completed Instructor training for PetTech pet first aid/CPR and am offering classes on a monthly basis to pet parents and pet professionals.





I share my home with Cammi, Alley Cat (now passed), Ilka and the new guy, Jackson.  One big happy family!


Meet the other pet caregivers at Ask Linda Pet Sitting


Judy    JUDY – Canine and Feline caregiver for Zionsville (pictured with puppy Lola)

Judy moved to Zionsville in 2011 and is loving it, especially since she is now closer to her granddaughter  Having been around animals since a child on her grandmother’s farm, she has a heartfelt connection to all 4-legged companions.  She is an avid animal advocate and also enjoys movies, photography and gardening.

“It is truly my pleasure to be of service to you and your pet.”                          Judy



BobbiBOBBI –   Canine and Feline caregiver  for NW Indy/Carmel/Zionsville (pictured with Foxy and Tank),  Dog Walking Assistant Manager

Bobbi has been taking care of animals for many years and came with outstanding personal referrals.  She is great with dogs and helps me with long-term cat sitting assignments.  Bobbi has a gentle spirit that animals appreciate.


Kim with Roady and Hardy2






KIM – Canine and Feline Caregiver for Zionsville (pictured with Roady and Hardy)

Kim and her family live in Zionsville and she has been helping me with petsitting and mid-day dog walks for 2+ years.  Since her family dogs are German Shepherds,she has no trouble with dogs, big or small.








KELLY-NW Indy/West Carmel/ Zionsville (pictured with Stilton and Conrad)

Kelly is my administrative assistant.  She also helps with pet sitting and dog walking.  Kelly has two dogs and a cat of her own.